Price list

Zone 3 and 4 

Homestays are located in zones 3 and 4 in pleasant residential areas with easy access to London Underground or National Rail stations, within easy reach of local shops, restaurants, cinemas and theatres.

SingleZone 3 
weekly rates
Zone 4
weekly rates
Room onlyfrom £160from £130
Breakfast onlyfrom £175from £130
Breakfast and evening meal
(4 dinners)
from £190n/a
Breakfast and evening meal
(7 dinners)
from £200from £175
(per person)
Zone 3     weekly ratesZone 4   weekly rates
Room only from £125from £120
Self catering room from £130from £120
Breakfast onlyfrom £140from £120
Breakfast and evening meal
(7 dinners)
from £175from £155
GROUPS only full boardfrom £ 200n/a

Zone 1 and 2

Homestays are located in central locations in zones 1 and 2 of London Underground stations, within easy reach of London's best shops, city sights, nightlife and West End theatres.

SingleZones 1 and 2 weekly rates
Room only£185
Breakfast only£195
Breakfast and evening meal (4 dinners)£220
Breakfast and evening meal (7 dinners)£245
Double (per person)Zones 1 and 2 weekly rates
Room only£140
Breakfast only£150
Breakfast and evening meal (4 dinners)£165
Breakfast and evening meal (7 dinners)£185

Accommodation Finding fee:

£50.00 (non refundable)


A refundable deposit of the equivalent of one weeks' rent is payable to the homestay on arrival and will be returned to the student on satisfactory check-out.


Summer supplement (June, July and August only) £30.00 per room per week 

Under '18 supplement of £15.00 per person per week

Christmas supplement (from 22nd December to 1st January): £50.00 per person.

Private bathroom (upon request) supplement: £30.00 per room per week.


There will be no refund for any cancellation which takes place less than four weeks prior to arrival.  For full details please see the school's terms and conditions.