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ABC School - Friendly Learning

We offer competitive prices for our students to study in the centre of London. As our one-to-one tuition is highly specialised and flexible, depending entirely upon the needs of the student, we prefer to discuss your booking options directly.

Please contact the school at info@abcschool.co.uk or +44 (0) 207 836 8999 if you would like to book one to one lessons.

Please note, one-to-one classes in preparation for a specific examination, for example, IELTS, Cambridge exams etc, may be charged at a higher rate depending on the exam.

All classes are 50 minutes long.

Each session50 minutes
Price per session£55 Callan Method
Price per session£45 Callan Method Online
Price per session£65 General English
Price per session£70 Business English/Exam

Administration costs

  • Registration fees £60.
  • Registration fees for visa students £80 (for up to 6 months), £100 (for up to 11 months).
  • Teaching materials are not included in the fees.

The school is closed on the following dates in 2024: 1st January, 29th March to 5th April, 6th and 27th May, 26th to 30th August, 16th to 31st December.