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ABC School - Friendly Learning

At ABC School, we offer a friendly welcome to students from all over the world to our accredited school in Covent Garden. The school is a small, private establishment, and we are proud to provide a very personal learning experience in a sociable, relaxed, yet professional and safe environment.

ABC School was established in 2002, and since then we have successfully taught many thousands of students, and built a strong reputation for quality of teaching and service. Whatever your reason for learning English; social, academic or professional, we are here to support and help you achieve your ambitions.

ABC School is authorised to accept students on short term study visas. We are accredited by the British Council, Callan Method Organisation (CMO) and a member of English UK, all of which guarantee quality.

We understand that coming to London is a very big decision to make and we will always do our best to ensure that you feel comfortable whilst studying with us. We offer support in all areas including your progress, accommodation, life in London and any other issues you may have. You are always welcome to come and have a chat with us.

In addition to studying, we also want you to have fun in London! We arrange a variety of social events, where you can learn about British culture, meet interesting and exciting people and practise your English outside the classroom. You will instantly belong to the school’s vibrant community!

Join us and experience first hand ABC School’s hospitality!

We hope to welcome you in the school soon!

Friendly and experienced staff