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ABC School - Friendly Learning
Hey everyone! I studied one month at ABC School in London during the summer Holidays. It has been a great experience and I enjoyed every single day I was there. Once I stepped into the reception on my first day, everyone was very friendly and...
By:Clara Ricarda Mergner - Student, from Germany
Testimonial 1
I studied at ABC school for more than four months and I have to say that it was an amazing experience, not just because of the quality of their teaching but the friendly and good people who work there. As an English school, I would recommend it for...
By:Maripaz Correa - Actress, from Chile
Testimonial 3
What can I say about ABC School? My adventure started nearly 3 years ago when I lost my job in Spain and decided to take the plunge and come to London. Then a friend of mine told me about ABC school and its peculiar and funny method so I...
By:Sergio García Sebastián - Engineer, from Spain
If you don’t like to speak English and if during your education the English learning was so boring, you have to come in England to learn the English language. My experience at ABC School has been the best idea that I have ever had. Why…??...
By:Baptiste Dumel - Student of Law and Management, from France
My London experience began in ABC School of English. When I arrived for my first day at the school I met my new friend and they will be with me all my life! I had awful English, and tried keep in touch with everyone. I felt very safe at ABC...
By:Caroline Silveira Ajej, Student from Brazil