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  1. Do I need a visa to study at ABC School?

    All students have to have a visa before arriving in the UK.
  2. What type of visa do I need?

    You can apply for a Visitor Visa (up to 6 months) and for a Short Term Study Visa (up to 11 months).
  3. What do I have to do to apply for a student visa?

    Please fill in the online booking and indicate which visa you will be applying for. We will also require to see a proof of funds and a copy of your passport.
  4. Am I allowed to work?

  5. Will I get a refund if my visa application is refused?

    If you cancel your course before arrival due to visa refusal, we will refund your course fees in full minus a £150 cancellation charge and the registration fee. Please note that we need to see the original refusal letter in order to give you a refund and you must apply for the refund within 6 months of the date of the visa refusal. For full details regarding refunds please see the school's terms and conditions.
  6. Will I get a refund if I change my mind and decide not to come to the UK?

    There are no refunds if you decide not to come and study in the UK, except when your visa has been refused. Please see the school’s terms and conditions for full details. Students are advised to take up travel insurance to cover themselves in these circumstances.
  7. What happens if my visa is delayed and I will arrive after start date of my course?

    If there are any delays in your visa application you must notify us as soon as possible. We will inform you what to do next.
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