We are glad to introduce you Mr. John Moran, our Callan Method teacher.

Hi John,

– Could you tell us a bit more about yourself: hobbies, interests, dreams?
London is a very expensive city in which to live. If I had time enough for hobbies and interests and strength enough to dream I would be a much happier man.

– Why did you decide to become a teacher?
I decided to become a teacher after meeting my wife. We decided to move to Brazil and so I took a teacher training course so as I would be able to work.

– How long have you been teaching English for?
I have been teaching for about fourteen years.

– What is your teaching philosophy?
I think teaching is primarily a matter of meeting challenges within a classroom. In meeting the challenges presented by the student the teacher facilitates the student’s development.

– How do you help students experience success?
Success is very often difficult to quantify. A student is successful if they are working hard and are moving towards their goals. The attainment of success and even to some extent the speed at which they travel is in the hands of God.

– What skills should English teacher have?
I’m not sure that any special skills are required to be teacher. A car mechanic must enjoy working with cars if his work is to be bearable. Likewise, an English teacher must enjoy working with the English language within a classroom environment. The skills that are required, naturally emerge upon a person’s commitment to their work – it’s the commitment which is important.

– What do you like the most in ABC School of English?
I enjoy working my colleagues, the reception staff and the students.

We are glad to introduce you our amazing teacher: John!