We have interviewed our lovely student Yuki about his experience in London and at ABC School of English. We have learnt his opinion about the school and the city and we have got to know him better.
Thank you for taking the time to do the interview,


Could you please tell me something about yourself: studies, job, hobbies, and dreams?

My job is delivering stuff in Japan.

My hobbies are watching films and going to watch plays.

My dream is to take a round-the-world trip.


Why did you decide to come to London?

Because I’d like to study British English.


How do you find life in London?

There is a lot of theatres and interesting program.  So it’s fun.


Why did you choose ABC school?

I read the school introduction and I had an interest in Callan Method.

That’s why I choose ABC school.


What’s your opinion of the Callan Method course?

I think speaking and listening are necessary to me.  I can practice a lot.

So it’s good.


What are your plans for the future?

I’ll go back to Japan and I’d like to work corresponding to English.


Ok Yuki, thank you for your time!

Thank you very much!

Student of the month: Yuki!