Student of the month Social media

Rosanna is attending Callan Method English lessons and is currently at intermediate B1 level.   We have interviewed her about her experience in London and at ABC School of English.  We have learnt her opinion about the school and the city and we have got to know her better.

Thank you for taking the time to do the interview!

Could you please tell me something about yourself?

I have been studying at ABC School for about two months two lessons a day.  I have studied nutrition in the past, and I believe that the English language will help me in this area too!  In my free time I like to do long walks in the parks or near the river and catch up with friends to practice the English language!

Why did you decide to come to London?

I decided to come to London to improve my skills starting from the English language.

How do you find life in London?

Life in London is beautiful.  London is a nice city that every day allows you to discover new things to do and see.  And when the weather is not the best, you can always decide to go and see some interesting museums!

Why did you choose ABC school?

I chose ABC School because I had a positive impression of it from the first moment.   The teachers and also Bozena are the best and they always help you when you have problems learning something new.   I am very happy to attend the lessons.  John’s and Sue’s lessons allow you to learn the language without ever getting bored!

What are your plans for the future?

In my future I will certainly continue my work as a nutritionist maybe even in London!

Rosanna was chosen as the student of the month in May!