Country of the month Ecuador

The country of the month is Ecuador!

We have interviewed our lovely student Gabriela about her home country, Ecuador.

Thank you Gabriela for giving us the opportunity to explore Ecuador through your words.

Country of the month Ecuador

What is the capital of your country? Which language(s) do you speak?

Thanks for counting with Ecuador for this post! It is a pleasure to talk about my loved country. Ecuador is a very small country in South America but is so big in culture. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and it is considered one of the cities that keeps its architecture history. Quito has many churches and because of that it was named as cultural Heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 1978.

Can you briefly describe your country?

In Ecuador, our official language is Spanish, but there are many other native languages like quichua or tsachila.

There are too many food dishes. This depends on the part of the country you live. For example, if you live in the coast the most common dishes use seafood, like encebollado which is a kind of soup with fish.

Country of the month Ecuador

Beside the sea areas, you should visit The Andes Mountains, a wonderful place. You have to travel throughout the Ecuadorian highlands where the typical dishes are made with beef or pork. One of my favourites is called fritada, absolutely delicious.

Why did you come to UK? What do you like most in London?

I came to London because I want to study my master’s degree in Journalism here and I also want to improve my level of English. I love to know new cultures. Actually, I studied my bachelor’s degree in Argentina, so I decided to come to another continent to experiment new things in my life.

Country of the month Ecuador

The country of the month is Ecuador !
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