Living in London is not cheap but, if you are a student, you will find many opportunities to minimise the cost of living by taking advantage of student discounts. Should you study at a school, such as the ABC School of English, you can get a student card and also take advantage of the discounts  offered to members of the National Union of Students (NUS).  Registration with the NUS is free and gives you access to a range of discounts available throughout the country. Furthermore, some popular brands and some independent stores also offer discounts. For example, only 2 minutes from the ABC School, there is Enrique Tomas. Many restaurants in London offer discounts to students. Here are just a few:
• Ask Italian
• Giraffe
• Macdonald
• Yo! Sushi
• The Co-op supermarket
• Domino’s Pizza


Another category that is particularly important for young people is fashion, some brands also offer discounts to students such as:
• Asos
• Burton
• French Connection
• New Look
• Topshop
• Urban Outfitters


The use of discounts for students is the best way to follow London fashion while saving money to continue studying! There are other areas where you can receive discounts, such as recreation, health, or technology:

• Amazon
• HP
• Apple for education
• Cineword

But the best discount for students in London is transport. We all know how expensive London transport is, but if you’re a student you can save money in a very simple way. If you are over the age of 18 and are studying full-time*, you can apply for a 30% discount on the price using a Student Oyster Photocard 18+. ABC School also offers a student card for students who register for one months or more, this will allow you to have more discount in restaurants, cinemas and shops near Covent Garden! These are some of the quickest and easiest ways to save money in London, so you can take the opportunity to study a little more! If you are in London or intend to come to London, make sure you know which brands offer special discounts for students, and do not hesitate to ask in the stores if they offer discounts!

* 15 lessons or more for a minimum 14 weeks


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