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  • What is the capital of your country? Which language(s) do you speak?

Seoul is the capital of my country. We usually speak Korean.

The Korean language usually consists of Hangul letters.

If you have an interest in Korean culture it’s a good idea to learn Hangul, it can help you understand it better.

Seongsan Bridge and the Han River


  • What is the food speciality of your country?

Well… It’s difficult to say because there are a lot Korean dishes. I can’t count them. Korean food has a history going back hundreds of years.

But to tell you the truth I think kimchi and bulgogi are the most special dishes. Kimchi is a fermented food made by pickling salted cabbage in a sauce of red pepper powder, green onion, garlic and etc. There are many varieties in terms of ingredients cooking methods. When some people eat some kimchi they feel it’s too spicy. However, other people thinks it’s delicious.

korea 3


Bulgogi is a delicious food that is made from soy sauce, honey, chopped green onion, chopped garlic, and black pepper. When the menu was not as varied as it is now, we ate a lot of bulgogi especially when we had a special day or meeting. Adults usually eat it with soju , and the children mixed with rice in the broth. Foreigners visiting Korea also like bulgogi.

2 korea


  • Can you briefly describe your country? (What make your country famous? National sport? Do you have sea or/and mountains in your country?)

70% of my country is mountainous, with a softly slope in the west, and a steep slope in the East to the Sea. In addition, it has many rivers. We have hot and humid in summers and long dry winters, the days in spring and autumn are relatively short. Temperatures fall to minus 15 ° C in winter and rise to 34 ° C in summer.

I think K-pop has made Korea more famous. For many K-pop artists it is a dream to go abroad.

There are many old palaces in Seoul and they have hundreds of years of history.

The first place to recommend is Dongdaemun, which is called the holy land of fashion

I often went there with my friend to buy clothes. I have read that 45% of foreign tourists say their favourite place is Dongdaemun.

kor 4

My second recommendation is Jeju Island is an island made up of volcanic deposits. Since has been volcanic activity beaches and forests have developed. In addition, Jeju Island has a lot of seafood, so if you want to eat fresh seafood, I recommend going there.

kor 5



  • Is there any superstition in your country?

Korea also has many superstitions, most of which are actually stories of ancestor experiences. I’ll just tell you a couple of stories about superstition.

The first superstition is that if your wife has a dream about dragon or phoenix the child will be a great person or the king of a nation.

The second not to eat seaweed at the time of an important examination or interview because there is a superstition that brings bad luck and doesn’t allow you to show your real ability.



  • Why did you come to UK? What do you like the most in London?


The reason why I came to UK is that I wanted to make many friends. I am curious about people’s cultures, eating habits, and heritage etc. Also I watched TV program about UK when I was a child. I thought that English pronunciation was cool.

I made my goal to come to England and I try to say the same thing in the same way.

Now that I have come to England, I will study English as much as I can during my spare time.



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