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Our country of the month is Algeria!

We have interviewed our lovely student Abderrahim Belhadj about his home country, Algeria.

Thank you, Abderrahim, for giving us the opportunity to explore Algeria through your words.

What is the capital of your country? Which language(s) do you speak?

The capital of Algeria is Algiers.

In Algeria we have two official languages: Arabic and Tamazight, but French is also a widely used language in Algeria.


What is hte food speciality of your country?

Algerian cuisine is rich and varied depending on the region, but the best known traditional foods are Couscous, Rechta and Chekhchoukha. Yummy!

couscous algeria food

Can you briefly describe your country? (What make your country famous? National sport? Do you have sea or/and mountains in your country?) 

Algeria is a country rich in history due to various occupations and colonizations.

You can find sites all over the country, which can date from several centuries and millennia, from the Berbers, the Romans, the Byzantines, Arabs, Frenchs and Spanish.

In Algeria we have the Mediterranean Sea in the north, followed by mountainous relief, and the desert of Sahara in the south. There are almost everywhere across the territory, millennial cities, testifying to the passage of several civilizations.

The national sport in Algeria is football.

Why did you come to UK? What do you like most in London?

I came in the Uk to learn and practice English.

What I like the most in London is the diversity, people coming from everywhere, it makes the things more interesting, and it gives you the opportunity to know more about this foreign traditions.


Country of the month – Algeria
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