These are a few words from our lovely Callan method student Anne-Sophie to encourage you to watch this great movie and practise your English.

    You see everywhere in the streets of London the word “withdrawals” but how many of you understand the meaning?  You know the word “with” and the verb “to draw”, however, “withdrawals” remains a mystery to you.  

    To understand the meaning in context you can borrow the DVD « Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone » from reception!  In the first part of the movie, Rubeus Hagrid (a half-giant) explains to Harry the true story about his parents, then takes him to go shopping for his new magic school.

    Watch carefully (with the subtitles as it’s more helpful) and you should will catch the meaning of “withdrawals”.  After that, you’ll think of Harry Potter every time you see that word on the street! 

Anne-Sophie’s review – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone