Sergio García Sebastián

What can I say about ABC School?

My adventure started nearly 3 years ago when I lost my job in Spain and decided to take the plunge and come to London. Then a friend of mine told me about ABC school and its peculiar and funny method so I joined them straight away. I attended the school for a few months and I took both Callan method and an IELTS course and I do not hesitate to say my English became quite fluent.

But it is not only a question of what you learn that I was hooked on ABC but also about its events and activities which help you to improve the language by meeting people and knowing this gorgeous city.  In other words, I have got a fulfilling social life thanks to the school where I have met such amazing people.

Definitely, they have been my family away from home and probably nothing would have been the same had I studied somewhere else. 

Long live the School!!! ABC of course.Cheers!"