Maripaz Correa

"I studied at ABC school for more than four months and I have to say that it was an amazing experience, not just because of the quality of their teaching but the friendly and good people who work there. As an English school, I would recommend it for sure, I have done it actually.  After a few intensive months studying there I passed the CAE (Cambridge advanced certificate of English).

The teachers are well qualified, they encourage you to study and they help you with anything you need. You can count on them all the time. They really want you to learn and they are always willing to explain twice and help you. And what is very important as well, is the social activities they organise. London can be an amazing city but can be very hard to live here if you are alone, so at ABC, you have activities very often (language exchange to improve your English, trips around some other cities, picnics at the parks and every Friday all the students and teachers gather at the pub, to meet new people and practise English, of course.

I have attended other English schools in London but none of them had the atmosphere and the energy that ABC has. I could keep saying lots of good things about ABC and its staff, for me it really was an amazing time in my life from which I keep great memories. I'm glad I ended up at ABC!