Clara Ricarda Mergner

Student from Germany

Clara Ricarda Mergner - Student, from Germany

"Hey everyone!

I studied one month at ABC School in London during the summer Holidays.

It has been a great experience and I enjoyed every single day I was there. Once I stepped into the reception on my first day, everyone was very friendly and helpful to show me around the school. I noticed very quickly that the whole atmosphere and environment was very familiar and I felt secure right away.

In my opinion, all the teachers are very well qualified for both - the Callan Method and General English, and they encourage you to speak up. Already after my first day I had no fear in talking to other people anymore. Moreover, I made very quick progress which is largely due to the nature of Callan Method, in which you are compelled to think in English and not in your native language.

On average, there were four to five pupils in each class, as such you had no time to daze without embarrassing yourself yourself in front of your class and your teacher - you always had to pay your full attention to what the teacher said because you never knew who he was going to ask next.

I didn‘t attend the General English class, instead I signed up for One-To-One lessons twice a week, which was very helpful for me. During my first lesson we decided what we wanted to do, and I received many useful pieces of advice, especially in written language, such as useful linking words, how to structure arguments or different kind of texts in general and so on.

I‘ve put a special focus on one of Shakespeare‘s masterpieces and succeeded working through it - thanks to my supporting teacher.

I also made a lot of international friends with whom I had a lot of fun during and after the lessons and - obviously- our language to communicate was English, so we had a lot of practice outside the classroom as well. Sometimes we just went to a park to relax, or we enjoyed London and it’s many attractions.

Due to the great location of ABC School we could reach parts of Central London such as Covent Garden, Leicester Square‘s Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus, Tottenham Court Road and so on within a few minutes by foot.

All in all I‘m very glad I ended up at ABC School. This school, all the people I already knew and all the people I got to know there turned my stay in London into an unforgettable time.

I am very looking forward to coming back soon, thank you guys for everything! Cheers!"