Book with confidence guarantee*

We know how important it is for our students to have flexibility.  If you are thinking of attending an English course in London but you are afraid to pay in advance in case you have to cancel or postpone at the last minute, we have the “book with confidence guarantee” in place.

The “book with confidence guarantee” means that should any government restrictions regarding COVID-19 interrupt your plans for 2022, you will not lose your money.  The guarantee automatically applies to new bookings for 2022, this guarantee stays in place until further notice**

Step one: book your course

  • Book your course to study in 2022 – no charges will apply for cancelling or postponing a course – no questions asked.

Step two: postponing a course  

  • If your situation changes and you would like to postpone your course, you will receive a voucher valid for up to 2 years from the date your course was due to start***

Step three: cancelling a course

If you decide to cancel your studies, you have two options:

  • up to 5 working days before your course is due to start: you can either take the voucher (details above) or ask for a full refund (less any bank charges)
  • if you cancel less than 5 working days before you are due to start, we will give you a voucher valid for 2 years.

*     This guarantee applies to the Covid19 strain of coronavirus.
**   All other terms and conditions remain the same.
*** All vouchers are non-transferable except to another family member.