Callan Español Overview

We have been teaching English with the Callan Method for over 17 years and now we are delighted to introduce Spanish using the Callan Method!  Our students’ testimonials about learning English with the Callan Method  are the best way of recommending the Method to you.

The Callan Method is used successfully in more than 40 countries and helps many thousands of people every day to learn English quickly and efficiently.

Callan Español has been developed using the principles of the Callan Method:

  • well-ordered introduction of new vocabulary
  • grammar and systematic revision
  • constant and immediate correction
  • focus on speaking and listening

It is the fastest way to learn Spanish to DELE B1 or UK GCSE levels.

The six stages of Callan Español take students from total beginner up to an intermediate level, allowing them to be able to communicate freely in Spanish, and to prepare for a general Spanish test at CEFR B1 level with confidence.

Callan Español is suitable for all learners.  It is carefully designed so that students can practise and gain confidence with the more challenging aspects of Spanish (such as gender, verb endings and pronoun use) while at the same time enjoying fun and engaging Callan Method lessons.

Callan Español - new work demonstration

Callan Español is supported by a 24/7 interactive platform containing video dictations, grammar and vocabulary exercises and a record-your-answer question and answer module.