Halloween is coming!

Everybody knows when Halloween is celebrated. But, do you know anything about its origins?

Let’s find out little bit more about its of history:

Everything started centuries ago in the area that is now Ireland, the UK and northern France.

October 31st marked the end of the summer and beginning of the winter, a time normally associated with death. Celts believed that ghosts of the dead returned to earth on this day. Then, they lighted bonfires and wore costumes to ward them off. This was known as Samhain.

Later, with the Christian religion, the 31st of October became known as All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saints Day. Over the years, “All Hallows Eve” evolved into “Halloween”.

Have you ever heard about this origin? Do you think the essence of this celebration has changed a lot?

Click on the link to discover everything! https://www.history.com/topics/halloween/history-of-halloween


Halloween is coming!