Apartment & House Shares

Terms and conditions

1) ABC School of English offers an accommodation service, for our students only.

2) Students are required to complete a booking form to arrange accommodation. ABC School will make every effort to meet all students’ requirements. It is more likely that requests can be met in full when bookings are placed at least one month prior to arrival. In July and August students are advised to book their accommodation well in advance.

3) An accommodation finding fee of £50.00 (non refundable) applies to all bookings. All bookings must start and finish either on a Saturday or a Sunday.

4) The School requires at least four weeks (before the starting date of the booking) written notice in the event of the student having to cancel accommodation prior to arrival in the UK. This can be done by email or by phone and a full refund will be given. If the School does not receive written notice, the first 4 weeks of accommodation will not be refunded.

5) Once a student has arrived, no refunds will be given, even in the case of cancellation caused by death or ill health of the student, family member or travelling companions. Students are strongly advised to take out insurance against such occurrences. Students are also advised that their belongings are not automatically insured against theft, loss or damage and should therefore take out personal/travel insurance for this.

6) Students are given front door keys and are urged to take great care not to mislay them as this may incur the cost of lock replacement - please be prepared to pay for the repair or replacement of any item you may lose or damage.

7) No pets allowed.

8) No smoking allowed in the apartments.

9) The agency reserves the right to place students of the same mother tongue within the same flat and as such students are reminded of a possible loss of contact with speakers of English.

If any of the above is unclear please call the office prior to departure or speak to a receptionist at ABC School.