We have interviewed our lovely student Dumitru about his experience in London and at ABC School of English.  We have learnt his opinion about the school and the city and we have got to know him better.

Thank you for taking the time to do the interview,

  • Could you please tell me something about yourself: studies, job, hobbies, and dreams?

My name is Dumitru Cotruta, I am from the Republic of Moldova; a small country but with ambitious people.  At 16 years old I left home in order to continue my studies in Romania. I obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business Administration in Alba Iulia town.  My specialization  is Fundraising through Project Writing.  I have two years experience as acting Head of the Romanian Student National Federation.  My hobbies are music, theatre, football and a few years ago Karate Kyokushin.  My dream is to make other people’s dreams!

  • Why did you decide to come to London?

I decided to come to London to fulfil a dream I shared with my wife.  First of all, it was important for me to gain knowledge of the English language and improve it; secondly wanted to start something new and undiscovered.

  • How do you find life in London?

I find life in London very interesting; every day brings you new experiences.  However, often there is instability and let’s not forget about expensive life here.

I chose the ABC School because my learning objectives correspond with the Callan Method objectives. I chose this school because it’s not a classical method of teaching with lots of grammar, but it concentrates on the student’s ability to communicate.

  • What’s your opinion of the Callan Method course?

In my opinion the Callan Method is something new for me, it doesn’t provide information that is not needed, but helps you to understand how to formulate your ideas.  After a while your fear of speaking disappears and you become more confident.

  • What are your plans for the future?

When I arrived in London I set myself new goals; to open a business, open another business, and another business … and gain at least one million pounds!

Ok Dumitru, thank you for your time!


Student of the Month Interview: Dumitru