By Lilian Medeiros, student at ABC School 

  • What is the capital of your country? Which language(s) do you speak?

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. Brasilia is a young (founded in 1960) and planned city in the Midwest of Brazil. The language we speak in Brazil is Portuguese.

  • What is the food speciality of your country?

Brazilian cuisine is rich, tasty and diverse. Each of the Brazilian states has its typical dishes.

The feijoada is one of the best-known dishes of typical Brazilian food. The feijoada consists of a mixture of cooked black beans, with some parts of the pork, such as the ear, tail, and sausage and beef jerky. Usually comes with cabbage and rice.


  • Can you briefly describe your country? (What make your country famous? National sport? Do you have sea or/and mountains in your country?)

Brazil has a large territorial dimension and has a wide cultural diversity. The Brazilian people are the result of the miscegenation of various peoples, especially the indigenous, the Portuguese and the Africans. The Brazilian people are characterized by their joy and hospitality. They are a people who like music, dance and party, so Carnival is such a popular and beloved party in Brazil.

The favourite sport of Brazilians is football. Brazil is considered the country of football. The explanation for this love can be explained by the conquest of five World Cups. Some argue that the Brazilian’s talent for football was due to the great miscegenation of peoples and their races.


  • Why did you come to UK? What do you like the most in London?

I came to London with my family to accompany my husband who is doing a fellowship at Kings College Hospital.

I love London and what pleases me most here is being able to meet people from all over the world. As my teacher John said today “London is a unique city, a world city”.

Country of the Month: Brazil