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Many people believe that we are on this earth to love one another and love is, by far, the most beautiful and intense emotion we can experience.  Love can have its ups and downs – it may lift you up, it may cause you misery.  Love has the capability to make you the happiest person in the world, but it can also put you through hell.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a nice idea to explore some popular English expressions related to love.  Learning some of the most widely used love expressions will definitely help you to improve your English as well as enhance your most valuable relationships.



A match made in heaven

The phrase a match made in heaven refers to a relationship in which the two people involved are great together.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a match made in heaven.


Puppy love

The expression puppy love refers to short-term adolescent love, not the love that one has for puppies!  Quite often, teenagers fall in love and then out of love again quite quickly so this expression is often used by older people to talk about teenage relationships.

When Lucy fell in love with Joe at a young age, she was sure that she would marry him, but now she realises that it was just puppy love.


Love is Blind/ Blinded by Love

This expression refers to when a person is so madly in love with somebody that they can’t see the persons faults or negative characteristics.  The idea that love inhibits our ability to see reality is not just a myth.  A research study in 2004 by University College London found that feelings of love suppressed the activity of the areas of the brain that control critical thought.

She is so blinded by love that she cannot see who he truly is.

I do not understand what she sees in him but love is blind.


To Fancy someone

Fancy has been used for a long time to express a wish or desire for something, e.g. What do you fancy for dinner tonight?  It originates from the word fantasy and in the 1500’s was used in the same way as to fantasize (about) or to imagine something happening.  Today, it is a very informal way of saying that you find someone very attractive.

I really fancy him/her.


On the Rocks

When a relationship is on the rocks, it means that there is trouble within the relationship.  The two people involved may be thinking about separating from one other.

It was no surprise when Brad and Angelina broke up because their relationship was on the rocks for a long time.


There are so many expressions that can be used to talk about relationships and it can be difficult to know which ones to use in various situations.  The best thing to do is to learn as many phrases as you can to build up a wide range of vocabulary and then use the language in the real world, if appropriate.  If you listen to native speakers using the expressions, you will understand in which contexts they are used and this will help you to know how to use them correctly.  Remember to always check the meanings in a good dictionary first, or ask someone you trust to give you the correct definitions before you use them.  Have fun!

(By Rachel Rowland – ABC School’s Academic Coordinator )

All you Need is Love